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Create a
high-performing, inclusive
Thrive through uncertainty and change.

Hi! I am Shalini!

With 20 years of global scientific and business experience, I know that organizational, team and individual performances are inseparably intertwined.

Especially, in a fast-changing world that demands adaptability, creativity, and innovation.


So I equip you to embed The Success Delta     in your organization – creating exceptional cultures and exceptional professionals that deliver extraordinary business outcomes. 

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Is your organization Growing, Evolving, Changing
in response to internal, customer, or global trends?
Are you striving to Generate Sustainable Outcomes
despite uncertainty and ambiguity?

Do you aspire to create a diverse, inclusive organization
that is innovative, and adaptable, that delivers extraordinary results?

"Shalini's wisdom and experience really opened our eyes to how to make sure we're structured to move through our growth phase with ease. She really brought more to the table than I could have ever expected and on the personal side, I was provided with some leadership guidance that will ensure we have a strong company culture as we move forward."

- Jamie Shibley, CEO, The Expressory

That's where 

Dr. Shalini Nag comes in!

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Great companies are built on foundations of robust strategies that encompass their finances, operations, products and customers.

  • Thrive in stable times

  • Focus on process and delivery

  • Have some highly engaged employees

Exceptional companies that remain sustainable, innovative and relevant in an ever-shifting, evolving world are those that focus as earnestly on their people as on their strategy.

  • Thrive in stable and uncertain times

  • Balance innovation and delivery

  • All employees bring 100% consistently

Let The Success Delta     take your company from great to exceptional in 4 stages



Identify Critical Needs

Complimentary discussions and assessments to understand your specific and unique goals and needs.


Activate Immediate Results

Data-driven, actionable tools and training that address the most critical needs. Take action immediately so you achieve results quickly.


Set the Strategic Course

Define the direction and craft a comprehensive people strategy to address the full life-cycle and set up every employee for success. 


Transform and Thrive

Tap into the discretionary effort of your people to create an innovative, creative and adaptable organization that achieves extraordinary results.

"Shalini not only grasps the situation, but also coaches and guides client teams as they become familiar with the suggestions, changes and/or improvements. She does this through empathy. She has a special ability to listen, settle into your perspective, and provide appropriate commentary."

- Crystal Bray, Product Operations, Uber Freight

Achieve Dramatic Results


Grow your Top-line and deliver bottom-line results


Engage, advance and retain your best employees


Empower your leaders to boost business outcomes


Develop creative, innovative, high-performance teams 


Adapt rapidly and thrive in uncertainty

How we can work together

If you're tired of ad-hoc, reactionary band-aids, that provide temporary results, consider working with us!


We work closely with you to craft innovative, versatile and data-driven solutions that will deliver the business outcomes you desire.

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moSAYcity simplifies and accelerates relationship building by removing barriers in hybrid, dispersed, and global workplaces.

  • Save time

  • Reduce attrition

  • Reduce absenteeism

  • Increase productivity

Each training program is metric-driven.


Developed using the latest in research in neuroscience and learning each program

  • Delivers desired outcomes 

  • Amps up performance

  • Is adaptable to on-site or virtual 

Each high-energy program is customized to your specific and unique needs.

Based on neuroscience, each program is


  • Rich in audience interaction

  • Packed with actionable tools

  • Adaptable to on-site or virtual 

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