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Galvanize, Energize, and Power Up your People

Keynote Speaker: Workplace Culture for the Future

Shalini Nag - Your Top Choice

Keynote speaker, author, entrepreneur, scientist and workplace culture expert, Shalini has experienced the challenges of maximizing the performance of an evolving workforce first-hand.

Versatile, and innovative, she delivers energizing, interactive, outcomes-focused programs that will galvanize your organization, whether it is on-site, hybrid, or virtual. 

Each program is custom-designed to your business and audience for maximum impact. Rich in captivating stories, engaging visuals, and actionable techniques, each program will leave the audience with insightful aha-moments and specific tools so that they can power up their people and their own performance.


Make Culture your Competitive Edge

It's one thing to know that culture can be a competitive edge. It's quite another to create the culture that helps your organization leapfrog ahead of the competition. This interactive program is chock-full of role-plays, scenarios, quizzes and games to empower your leaders, engage your people and create change that sticks.

Craft Inclusive, high-performance teams

Did you know that diversity is about more than visible differences? It is about differing points of view, varied expertise, and complementary problem-solving skills. But how do you ensure that every member of your team can bring all of their skills and effort to work, every single day? Storytelling, candid conversations, and games set you and your people on the right path.

People Strategy with H.E.A.R.T.(e)

Tired of the same stories about hiring the right people? Explore the full employee life-cycle and through captivating storytelling, and exercise, learn how each stage of the journey plays a part in creating a employee value proposition that makes you a Thriving Talent Magnet.

Conversations for Business Success

The success of your business depends on your leaders. The best leaders rely on the right conversations with the right people at the right time to
influence, motivate and enable their team's success. Learn how Appreciative Inquiry, strengths-based feedback, and our trademarked ALLIES@Work systems can catalyze the performance of your teams through in-session practice.

Need support on a topic that isn't listed?

Reach out so we can custom design a program that is just right for your organization!

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Coming soon!

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