Covid-19 Workforce Impact Assessment

United States of America

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Thank you for responding to this survey. Your responses will help us understand how we are doing as a community as we navigate the impact of Covid-19. Your privacy is fully protected. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has already taken lives, impacted economies and left an indelible mark on our collective consciousness. Yet, due to mandatory physical isolation, we’re each going through our own versions of this life-altering experience.

To create solidarity and a shared understanding of the changing sentiments and challenges that individuals are facing during these unprecedented times, we have developed a short, anonymous survey.

We will be reporting the average aggregated sentiment of all respondents in real-time so we can each feel a little more in-touch with our communities and how everyone is feeling.

Additionally, the engagement section of the survey can be used to understand what major challenges individuals are facing and how their engagement with their work is evolving through this experience. To protect individual privacy and anonymity, companies may request aggregated, anonymous reports for their self-identified employees so leaders can get a pulse of their teams’ experiences.

It is our goal to make the reports of the analyses available freely and regularly so we can band together as a community to help resolve challenges.

Please help us tell this story by sharing the survey with your organization, social networks, members, and others.

We plan to release initial results once we have the first 100 surveys completed. 

Dr. Shalini Nag

President, EvidaSolve

People Strategy, Workplace culture

Jennifer Buchholz

Owner, Excel and Flourish

Corporate training

Please continue to watch this page to view the results of the sentiment analysis. To protect your privacy, we will begin sharing the results once we have 100 responses.

Share your thoughts. Take the survey here.

Terms and Conditions

The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate the impact to the engagement and sentiment of the workforce in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. EvidaSolve LLC will retain full copyright and ownership of the intellectual property of the assessment questionnaire. EvidaSolve LLC and Excel & Flourish will be joint owners of the survey and of data collected through this joint deployment of the assessment. EvidaSolve LLC and Excel & Flourish will have access to raw data for analysis, be co-authors in all publications from this assessment. To protect the privacy of respondents, all data will be reported in aggregate. 

In cases where more than 20 respondents from a specific company complete the form and name the company, the company will have the option of requesting an aggregated report of the engagement, sentiments and challenges of their self-identified employees.

Sentiment analysis of the full workforce will be reported on this page upon receipt of 100 or more responses and will be updated regularly.