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Having received multiple requests ...

... I've selected the top skills that have helped me successfully design my career, and bundled them into one powerful 5-part, 10 week course designed to give you the clarity, confidence and competence to do the same ...


10 week path to clarity, confidence and competence

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Hello Fellow Scientists!
All too often this is what I hear from graduate students and postdocs - "Shalini, I know academia isn't for me; I'm so unhappy but I don't know how I can make a change. I don't know how to find the job I want, and even if I did, how can I ace the interview when all I have done is research? I've attended so many workshops on networking and interviewing but that's just not who I am!"
So I've put together a course that not only gives you the strategies to make the change, but to do so confidently in a way that feels authentic to your personal style.
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Here are the details about the course

I've designed this course to give you the mindset, strategy and tactics that you can rely on and continue to build on throughout your career. Which means it is right for you, if you:

  • Are planning to transition out of academia in the next 6 - 12 months

  • Are ready to become a confident and competent professional 

  • Are ready to invest in your future and long-term success

  • Want guidance and support to bridge the gap between knowing what needs to be done and doing it right

Imagine how it would feel if YOU were in the driver's seat of your career.


So you could STOP feeling undervalued, anxious, depressed and stuck?


What if you KNEW how your unique skills and experience make YOU an asset?

What if you KNEW how to navigate the world beyond the ivory tower?


Isn't it time you were doing the work you want to do and be valued for it? Isn't it time all the investment in your education and skills paid off? 


That is why I created STEMPro JUMPSTART

It's what I want for YOU:



Here's what you will learn in this 5-part course

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